Terms and conditions of use

Our dear customers must read the terms and use policy well before starting

* In order to be able to benefit from the services provided by the company well must follow that:
1- Dear customer, you must register all the required data correctly and also the means to contact you in full so that we can contact you during any emergency circumstances.
2 - You must verify the data and methods of payment for the company, especially our bank account through the payment methods before the payment process.
3 - You must keep a copy of the bill of payment after payment by one of the available methods and to submit to the company upon request in preparation for issuing your invoice.
4. When you receive data for your site, you should not send it to anyone and keep it in a safe place.
5 - You can submit a refund request if you do not receive the site within 48 hours maximum of the date of payment, and this applies only to the hosting service and booking domains.
6. You must pay the service renewal fee 15 days prior to the completion date, until we take the renewal procedure.

* Important Alerts:
1. It is strictly forbidden to place material on your site that would harm the Islamic religion and Islamic law.
2. Pornography / nationality / hackers are strictly prohibited. If this happens, the site will be permanently closed and the infringing content will be deleted + a fine of LE 500 will be issued to restart the site.
3 - The use of spam in advertising and unsolicited mail (postal dumping) is strictly prohibited
4. It is strictly forbidden to use the space as a repository for files that carry publishing rights such as (audio clips - films).
5. In the event of a notification of the existence of unlicensed software, we will suspend the service temporarily until the completion of the licensing procedures.
6- It is prohibited to publish copyrighted material such as songs / films / programs, without the official permission of the producer of those materials.

7 - Download and upload software with viruses: You should pay attention when uploading files to your space, you may find some files have viruses, spread on your pages and prevent your visitors from entering.
paying off :
1. You must pay all dues on time in the Center of Accounts to avoid the temporary suspension of services.
2. In the case of renewal of the service at Log-In, you must pay the fee before the expiry date of 15 days.
3. If the payment is delayed for the specified period, the site will be temporarily suspended for a week of grace. If you fail to pay the fees during this period, the site will be deleted without any backup copies being held in the future.
4. In the case of outstanding invoices within the customer's account, the management of the company is entitled to suspend all services until payment.
5 - The management of the company is entitled to modify the prices of the plans and services existing on the site at any time, and this does not apply to sites that have contracted before, and allows to apply for a new subscription.
6 - All invoices are collected annually without increasing any additional fees on the contract price.
Service Guarantees Provided:
1- Log On is committed to providing 24-hour free technical support to all customers on shared hosting and virtual servers without being committed to content management and server management without prior request and payment.
2- Logs Company is committed to providing a backup copy / weekly / monthly for all sites, to maintain all files of the customer.
3. Logspace is committed to providing maximum protection to all customers and is the protection of servers.
4- The company does not host the Rose Press sites
5 - Logs company is committed to recover the amounts paid while delayed delivery of service for 72 hours of the payment process, for the customers hosting and booking domains.

6- Technical support service is available 24 hours through (technical support tickets)